Freedom, oh Freedom, where art thou, beloved Freedom?

For the purpose of this blog, I will introduce myself as Liberty. Before you continue any further, my blog is not for crybabies. It’s not for people with soft hearts. I am using my freedom of speech to the fullest extent, and if you get your feelings hurt easily, don’t read any further.

What I will talk about here may very well bring our oh-so-loving Government to my doorstep. However, I simply don’t care. This blog isn’t simply to bash our President, Government, or any deity in particular. What we have lost, whether any of us will admit it or not, is our right to our freedoms. Not just speech, which was lost over a decade ago, but our rights to be real Americans and be PROUD. “Merry Christmas,” is practically a sin. You can’t correct another human being without the big baby who wears his feelings on his sleeves suing you. OH MY GOD, how sue happy people are these days! Every time you turn around you are racist, but the ones who really are racist walk about scott free without any worries. Why? Because they know they have the upper hand, simply because of the color of their skin.

Why does skin color really matter? Are we not all people underneath? We all have hearts, which pump blood. We all have organs, brains, (whether they are functional is another matter) and bones. We all breathe air. We all walk with two feet. We all have feelings and opinions. We all have dreams. So why are we all so hostile towards one another? Why do we all pussyfoot around, worrying about what to say or do?

I’m not saying that we should all be deliberately hurtful or anything. I’m talking about a world as recently as the one I grew up in, where we could all be adults, share opinions, and actually deliberate. Where we could ask questions without fear, and worship whatever deity we believed in (most of us being one that worships the God from the Bible) freely. You believe in God? Great. You Wiccan? Fine. A Jew? Sure. Whatever. Get my point? And if you didn’t like another person’s religion you got over it.

Another thing is WHAT THE FUCK is up with everyone refusing to work, begging for Father Government to take care of them????? Before you get your panties in a wad, I want to state for the record that there are people who legitimately need the help. There are people who have worked all their lives and are now unable to work. There are people who have a physical or mental disability and are unable.

Yeah. I get it. At least a dozen people that I personally know are in that state. I’m talking about lazy, good-for-nothing MOOCHERS wanting to draw in that free check so they don’t have to get up in the morning and go to work. Pitiful. Disgusting. Shameful. What happened to the American Spirit? What happened to our drive?

Our nation was founded on the right to worship without fear. We held our guns with safety and pride. We as Americans defended ourselves and didn’t rely on someone else to take care of us.

Yes. The South has a dark history. One of Slavery and hardship and judgment.  GET OVER IT, PEOPLE. You are not them! We are a totally different society! ARE YOU SLAVES? HELL NO. WHY ARE YOU MAKING SOMEONE ELSE PAY FOR THEIR ANCESTOR’S MISTAKES?!

We are also known as the Melting Pot. This is another topic that gets under my skin. We are, or used to be, the land of Opportunity. Our President has made sure that we won’t be stable as a whole for another twenty years or so, but that’s not the point. If someone wants to come here and make a life, they need to do so by LEGAL MEANS. We all want something better (or at least anyone with any common sense does) but something better must be earned. It must be done correctly. By coming here illegally, you are stealing from hard working, honest Americans. You are stealing from the country you want to be a part of! Have you no conscience? You are hurting everyone, including yourself!

What I don’t understand, however, is why a single cow could be tracked during the Mad Cow Epidemic for miles and miles on end…a SINGLE COW could be pinpointed anywhere, any time, but we can’t round up a bunch of illegal immigrants and send them home? Why can’t we reinforce our borders? Are we that incompetent?

…Maybe we should just give all these people a cow.

The Government has to get out of our lives, and soon. However, as long as we lay down and take what they are dishing out, we will be raising our children and grandchildren with just stories of what America was like when it WAS the land of the free and the home of the brave. Do we not understand that the Government was intended to work for US, and not US for them? Do we not understand that we CAN do something? That we CAN make a difference? That we CAN fire each and every one of them? Why do we need Government to take care of us? Why do we need to be taxed for each and every little cotton-picking thing?

Income tax: Was instituted to fund the Civil War. Reasonable, at the time. This was legitimate and was supposed to be done and over with when it was all over….Over has not come yet. And the taxes kept coming, and coming, and are still coming. Why do we accept this?

To sum it all up: We are letting the Government rule our lives. Now, keep in mind that they only get as much power as we give them. Why do we, as Americans let them? That is for you to figure out, because I haven’t figured that one out yet. Somewhere along the line, society has gone from hard-working, honest Americans to a bunch of lazy bums who want everyone to take care of them. It has become a bunch of whiny cry babies who are more interested in their looks than how to feed their children. If they even keep their children. Dead beat dads, lazy moms, un-needed abortions, rapists, burglars, murderers, and the list goes on and on….

Wars that no one even knows why they are going on. Wars that have nothing to do with us…

Worse yet: Benghazi. Soldiers crying for help, only to get none. Unanswered questions.

Our National leader Apologizing for a stupid video in the wake of our Ambassador’s Assassination.

Disgusting. It’s times like these where I shake my head in wonder of what my beautiful country has become…and what kind of world I am raising my daughter in.


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